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Bank’s Apothecary is an independent accredited Specialty Pharmacy dedicated to providing personalized assistance to both the prescriber and patient, with assistance to rapid access to all prescription needs. Delivery is fast & free.

More About Us

Thank you for clicking here to learn more about us. Our facility’s goal is to be the primary supplier of healthcare products and services to our community.

We treat our patients with respect and dignity. We are caring neighbors, involved in community activities in meaningful ways and committed to reflecting the diversity of our neighborhood.

Most of all, we are committed to providing the highest level of quality service within every aspect of our business.

Bank’s Apothecary is a family owned independent specialty pharmacy that is part of your community! We are proud of our rich history of working with the local community to create greater specialty access for the region. We have strived for years and have risen based on our continued model of patient-first care. We pride ourselves on putting PATIENTS first before all else.

Our pharmacists are dedicated members of the community who have worked tirelessly to deploy top notch quality care to help the most vulnerable among us. Specialty pharmacy deals with medications for highly complex and serious disease conditions. Specialty medications tend to be expensive and bare a higher threshold to get covered by your insurance company’s drug pan. Our staff will help you and your physician along the way of getting you the best healthcare possible. We work with physicians daily to educate them on various medications, alternatives and prior authorizations.

We will work with patients to find copay assistance, education of disease state, administration of medication, delivery of drug and MUCH more. Our pharmacy will work with various healthcare stakeholders to make sure our patients have optimal health outcomes.

Below is a list of services Bank‘s Apothecary offers to its patients, physicians and various healthcare stakeholders. We want you to know, we are here for you!

Professional Service

  • Specialty Pharmacy Provider for – Health Partners – Geisinger – Keystone  Amerihealth Cartias/Northeast–- Gateway – UPMC – Aetna Better Health and many more
  • Daily phone call with each new and returning patient to check compliance of medication / use of medication / patient understanding of disease state
  • Follow up phone call to physicians’ office to help with Prior Authorization assistance, insurance coverage and co-pay assistance/Charity Care
  • Coordination of care between the physician, social worker and patient to complete the order from prescription intake to delivery of medication
  • Contracted with major specialty drug manufactures to leverage drug achievement and ensure on time supply to the patient
  • Weekly conference calls with physician’s office to increase patient compliance
  • Informally associated with major hospitals across the state to provide specialty services. (onsite deliver, same day delivery, access to LDDs, Copay Assistance)
  • Pharmacy will issue fax, telephone and personal reminders to each physician’s office for prescription refills and Prior Authorization necessities
  • Instantaneous online insurance verification and coordination of benefits to decrease physician work load and increase patient access of medication. Our pharmacy will help locate any and all insurance coverage or copay assistance for your patient

Personalized Service

  • We specialize in specialty Injectable and Oral Medications (i.e. chemo, oncology, hematology, Hep C, MS, RA, HIV/AIDS, Long Acting Injectables, Limited Distribution Drugs)
  • Limited Distribution Drugs: Zytiga, Promacta, Exjade, Jadenu, Xgeva, Promacta
  • Oncology and Psychiatry Specialty
  • 24/7 On Call Pharmacist
  • Our pharmacy has contracts with the three largest drug wholesalers in the country to optimize drug supply and reduce cost to the patient
  • Same Day delivery throughout the state
  • Fast, free and easy delivery options

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