We know we haven’t posted lately but rest assured we have been working our tails off to create a better world for our patients!

We have some extremely exciting news to report before the New Year that we believe will make a HUGE difference in the day to day lives of patients and prescribers.

Bank’s Apothecary is pleased to be recognized by the ACHC board as being an ACHC certified specialty pharmacy! This certification means that Bank’s Apothecary is one of just a handful of pharmacies in the entire country that has shown outstanding delivery of specialty medication therapy management to patients and is now ACHC certified. Bank’s and the team had to go through months of rigorous training and experiences to prove our patient care metrics to ACHC and be certified to be an ACHC specialty pharmacy. You can now rest assured that we are even further along the road to greater patient care and therapy. Bank’s is now DUAL accredited under ACHC and URAC specialty certification. We are now as good as it gets and ready to help our patients on their way to a healthier life!

Finally….drum roll…

Bank’s is extremely proud to report that as of November 2018 Bank’s Apothecary is an IN NETWORK Specialty pharmacy for HIGHMARK Blue-cross and Blue Shield. This is a huge achievement as Highmark is extremely selective on their choices of specialty pharmacies. Bank’s being in network gives greater access to medications that our patients previously were not able to achieve. In addition, Highmark access allows Bank’s to bill for physicians (buy and bill network) on their behalf so it decreases physician workload. We are so happy to be selected by Highmark as their specialty pharmacy and are excited about the value we can bring to our patients.

So before 2019 has even started, Banks is now ACHC accredited AND a participating specialty pharmacy of Highmark Blue-cross and Blueshield

We look forward to keeping you in the loop on other exciting announcements that are currently cooking up. We are excited to share all that we have coming up in the next few months for our patients and doctors.

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