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Bank’s Apothecary A La Carte Service









Did you hear about Bank’s Apothecary a la carte patient service ?

Bank’s will assist in your medication delivery experience from start to finish. We want to make patients receive quality care and service that will make a REAL impact on patient quality of life

Bank’s helps with all aspects from acquisition of drug, financial aid assistance, education of medication therapy and most importantly – results oriented treatment of disease state

A la Carte service include (but not limited to):

*Prior authorization assistance
*On site injection clinics / health insurance navigation
*Copay / financial aid assistance
*Nurse navigator education
*At home delivery service – clinician house calls
*Drug therapy disease state management
*Medication compliance adherence measurements and tools
*Clinical goals outcomes calculator
*Specialty Medication / multilingual education
*Refill reminders, office calls, doctor calls
*Prescriber assistance – refill requests , insurance assistance , PA assistance , medication education etc.
*Red tape limiter – making sure we handle the paper work so you have time to tend to clinical results

Bank’s Apothecary follows the patient journey from start to finish – making sure our patient’s needs and wants are met to the best of our ability. The goal of Bank’s is our patients leave healthier than where they started.

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