We have been waiting to let the world know about our long journey. We have been working for over a year to be a part of the New York State Medicaid Pharmacy Network. We can’t say it’s been easy, its actually been a challenging road.
We were given a million reasons of why we would not  be a part of the network, how it would be impossible to deal with the bureaucracy, how it was a fools errand to get licensed out of state. We had one reason to aim high and never give up, and that was patient care.
We are PROUD and EXCITED to announce today, Bank’s Apothecary is part of the New York State Medicaid Pharmacy Network!
We are so pleased, that state saw what we do for patients and all of the clinical benefits we bring. We are more than excited to be part of this network and started with our first patient this morning!
This is what makes us different, we will never stop fighting on behalf of our patients to get the clinical specialty care they need. We believe so deeply in the positive impact that we can make on our patient population, and we will never ever give up. There isn’t enough bureaucracy and red tape to stop us. There isn’t a NO in our book.
Welcome New York State! Welcome to the Bank’s Apothecary family. Welcome home.
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