Bank's URAC Accreditation (1)Bank’s Apothecary has been a driving force for specialty patient care for the past ten years. This is all because of the unbelievable work of our employees and their immense commitment to patient care. Every new milestone Bank’s achieves is due to the folks on the ground giving their full potential.

Today, Bank’s Apothecary is proud to announce two incredible milestones:

  • Bank’s Apothecary is now re-accredited as a URAC specialty pharmacy.
  • Bank’s Apothecary has received a NEW accreditation as a URAC mail order pharmacy.

URAC accreditation is the gold standard for excellence in patient care and quality outcomes. Bank’s stands out by achieving dual URAC accreditation along with its existing ACHC specialty accreditation.

Bank’s received dual accreditations, all the while dealing with the challenges of being a frontline healthcare organization during the midst of a pandemic. As the CEO of the company, I could not be prouder of our team and its mission.

We can officially say, even a pandemic can’t slow us down.

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