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Copaxone Covered WITHOUT a Prior Authorization through Bank’s Apothecary for Geisinger Health Plan

Bank’s Apothecary is pleased to announce an excited new coverage update. As always, Bank’s strives to work with insurances companies for greater access to patient medications. As of October 1, 2018, Bank’s Apothecary can fill Copaxone for ALL patients under Geisinger Health Plan without a prior authorization for its patients. This means less wasted hours on paperwork for doctors offices, easier access for patients and instantaneous delivery by the pharmacy.

Call in a prescription in to Bank’s Apothecary for Copaxone, and we can make sure your patients have the medication they need instantly. No waiting, no hassle and no run around.

Bank’s Apothecary continuously works with payers to make sure we make it easier for our patients and doctors. We are on your side to make sure you are at your best health.

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