pa portal for prescribersBank’s Apothecary is pleased to announce a NEW and EASY online portal for completing prior authorization forms. This resource was built by us specifically for our providers to use. We have put a lot of time into making an easy system exclusively for our providers.

We know it can be daunting to deal with PAs and finding the correct forms needed. There are thousands of forms and they change by drug and disease state. Now with Banks, you can simply go to our website and search by insurance/drug to get the specific form you need. You can even fill out the form directly on the website, then just print it out and fax it back to us.

Its simple, easy and efficient.

Two clicks and you will get exactly what you need. No more fumbling around with the insurance companies or being placed on hold for hours with insurance companies!

Simply visit to get started.

There you will receive all of the most popular Prior Auth forms / intake forms and anything else commonly needed.

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