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We’re also an advisor for your members, their healthcare providers and you, the payers. Our goal is to assist you in taking the best care possible of your members while offering the knowledge and insight you need to make informed decisions to control cost without compromising patient care.

We promise to deliver:

Top Quality Member Support

We make it as easy as possible for payers and your members to obtain the therapies they need. We have access to a wide range of drugs for the most common and the most complex conditions. By ensuring your members have the medication and supplies they need, we can deliver an outstanding experience. We’ll even send refill reminders before they run out of medication to ensure treatment is not disrupted.

Renowned Administrative Support

The experienced account team at Bank’s Apothecary will work with you to discuss prior authorizations and work directly with providers to make the authorization process as fast and hassle-free as possible.

Knowledgeable Treatment Management

We sustain constant contact with your patients and their physicians during treatment to help maintain proper administration and compliance.

Trusted Clinical Expertise

Our expertly trained staff can provide information about clinical guidelines and administer new, innovative solutions to help you to provide the best care possible to members.