We’re pleased to announce the newest updates that decrease physician workload by removing burdensome prior authorization paperwork AND we have increased our network portfolio to serve even more patients.

Jadenu is a medication used in the hematology/oncology space. It’s a medication used for adults along with children. Bank’s has been on the forefront of patient access to this life-saving drug. Physicians that work with Bank’s Apothecary no longer need prior authorization for Jadenu (generically available) for Keystone First, Amerihealth Caritas, Amerihealth Northeast. This collective family of plans constitutes the largest Medicaid payer in Pennsylvania, and we are pleased to announce, this plan/drug combo no longer requires prior authorization. This will remove one of the biggest challenges to patient access and will increase physician/patient compliance and adherence standards. 

Bank’s is now a part of the Anthem NJ Medicaid Specialty network family. As we have been growing out our geographic reach, New Jersey has been on the forefront of our patient reach. Being close by, we see the challenges NJ patients are facing and we are working tirelessly to help out. Hello New Jersey Anthem Specialty patients and welcome to the Bank’s Apothecary family!

Sam Maddula Pharm D CEO
Pharmacist In Charge
Banks Apothecary Specialty Pharmacy