Duke - Banks ApothecaryWe want to extend a warm welcome to our new territory manager, Duke Stankowski. Duke brings decades of healthcare experience from the wound care, internal medicine, and orthopedic spaces, and he has now joined Bank’s Apothecary to better help patients and referring practices with their needs.

“Over the course of my time in this field, I have seen the amount of paperwork that is needed that takes doctor’s offices hours to fill out properly,” Duke explains. “At Bank’s, we help our referring providers every step of the way to ensure their claims process faster, meaning the medication gets to the patients faster, and we can improve adherence and outcomes.”

When he’s out visiting practices, Duke says he is excited to share the benefits of partnering with Bank’s who, as an independent pharmacy, is equipped to answer to both patients and providers with care and compassion. 

As someone with many years of experience, Duke says there was one thing that immediately stood out to him about Bank’s. 

“You’re dealing with a human being from the second you call our number to when you hang up,” Duke says. “There is no ‘press one, press three, wait for assistance,’ like with other pharmacies. It’s so different from what I’ve seen before, and it’s so refreshing.” 

Duke knows the team at Bank’s Apothecary really care about their patients and their referring practices. “If you have a question, you can call Sam Maddula, our CEO and Pharmacist in Charge, and he’ll pick up.” Duke continues, “Whether you’re a patient, a referring practice, or even an employee like me, he’s a very genuine guy who treats you like a person and makes sure you get what you need.” 

The future at Bank’s is bright, and Duke says he is thrilled and humbled to be part of the team. 

“Once you see how efficient your prescriptions can be, you’ll see the benefits of Bank’s Apothecary, he says. “They have this down to a science.”

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