CoronavirusDear Patients and Providers

Regarding the Coronavirus and what Bank’s Apothecary is doing:

As you are aware, we have a pandemic that has been devastating populations throughout the globe. As your specialty pharmacy, we understand in these times of need it is even more imperative that we are by your side. We have been hearing reports regarding specialty pharmacy closures, patients/prescribers without medications, deliveries reduced, etc. In times like these, we stand with our patients and clinicians. We want you to know that Bank’s Apothecary is open and fully staffed, we will be by your side and are capable with multiple redundancies in place to make sure medications are delivered without disruption.

In times like this, Bank’s Apothecary is able to show the true power of an independently run specialty pharmacy, keeping the lights on when others shut down. We are available for consultations 24/7, nimble to change practices to events on the ground and doing everything possible for our patients and providers to provide specialty medications. Our independent structure allows us to make real-time decisions as situations on the viral pandemic change. We are fluid and working with relevant state and federal authorities to make sure we stay open and operating. We have doubled our capabilities during this challenge to increase patient communication, have increased physician outreach and most importantly – delivering unobstructed Specialty pharmacy care

We are here and ready to help in this time of need.